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We believe that everything starts with just an idea!

From there we will do it together, with it taking shape

and it comes true in a beautiful audiovisual presentation.


We have a flexible team that adapts to each project and is always ready for the most different video demands.


After the first conversation with the client, watching the references and understanding their points, the process of creating and developing the script begins.


The script helps to define which technical resources will be needed for that production.



For example:

  • we will doma original footage?


  • Will we use archival footage?


  • Will we have voiceover in the video? 


  • Will we shoot with Drone?


  • We already have all the material and we just need to add the audio?



We offer services for those looking for a quick solution with professional quality in videos.

Our main objective is not only to transform the audiovisual archive into records of relevant information for the present but also for the future.

Saga Filmes maintains this portal for quick access and communication to our services, accelerating the service process, creation, production, edition and finalization of each project.
We serve everyone in person or remotely, with a fast, practical and personalized online service.

We work in the creation, production and editing of various types of audiovisual material that make up our day-to-day life, such as:


  • Video and Audio Capture; 

  • Business and/or Institutional events; 

  • Graphic Animation;


  • Edition of Testimonials for Kitchen Tea/Bar, Farewells and Birthdays;

  • Live streaming to Facebook, Instagram and Youtube;


  • Travel log, with edition of videos, photos and music;

  • Video Tutorial and EAD;

  • Music Video and Music Video;

  • Sports Videos;

  • Travel Video;

  • Creating Channels on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook

Your opinion is very important so that we can always improve, get in touch!

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