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Tips when filming

That's pretty simple, but when these precautions are taken the final quality of your video improves considerably.

Always use a tripod

or Support for your Camera

Tripods are essential to avoid blurry or poorly focused images.

With it, it is easy to maintain the framing, the shooting angle and better choose the points of attention in the scene.

Besides, it greatly increases the range of possibilities when editing the video.

Avoid recording with the Cell Phone for a long time

Most screens these days are in 16:9 (rectangle lying flat).

When we record with the phone standing (long) it records at 9:16, the opposite of ideal for this standard. (With the exception of Instagram Story and Tik Tok) So when you try to watch it on a television or computer, for example, the image does not fill the entire screen and has two black bars on the sides of the video.

The Importance of Audio

Avoid starting to escalate while you can hear any background noise, unless there is a context for it.

Different sounds from the environment when they are recorded mix and become one thing. Therefore, do not record in noisy places, avoid talking to more than one person at the same time and never record your voice with the soundtrack playing in the background. Leave to include in editing.

Example of noise: balcony of the building, fireplace, waterfall, strong wind, air conditioning, people talking in the background, plane passing by, telephone.

It is not good to use Camera Zoom to make Videos

The LESS you use the zoom feature when capturing and producing videos, the better!

In addition to distorting the image considerably, if the lens is not really professional it is very difficult to stabilize.

Another big problem is that the microphone is too far from the person or object recorded and can greatly harm the sound of your audiovisual production.

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